Easy-to-learn horse stretching that improves range of motion.

Athletes stretch to gain balance, strength, flexibility and improve their range of motion. Horses need to stretch too!


Hollywood Stuntman and Horse Trainer, Frank Lloyd has created a fast, easy stretching routine for your horse. Training takes as little as 3 days, once trained you should never be lifting more than 5 pounds and it should take as little as 4 minutes.

Improving equine range of motion since 1997

"Horse Stretching" is a treat to watch, and is an

excellent tool that will be embraced

by every horse caretaker

who wants to spend some quality time with his horse.”

Natural Horse Magazine Review


You must be 18 or older to enter this Horse Stretching site. This is a trained horse and viewing this is for information purposes only. Training is easy, but each step is a must.  In all horse training, a poorly trained horse is a hazard to everyone and everything.

The video will teach you how to stretch your horse to increase range of motion. The steps are simple and follow a sequence so you can learn to spend just 4 minutes a day to help your horse's body fitness.

Once you know your particular horse’s range of motion, you go by feel. The tightness is obvious to a knowledgeable horse person. You can always take more time to stretch than you need. It is always better to be safe when  it comes to horse care.


Here is an overview of the Horse Stretching video

  • We take the time to teach you the full routine;
  • In a common sense order that you and your horse will appreciate;
  • With easy-to-follow directions and demonstrations;
  • Lessons that have been taught by Frank Lloyd for over 20 years;
  • A proven system of techniques that improve your horse's performance.

What makes our horse stretching video different:

Some may believe these horse stretching techniques are extreme or painful for the horse. Is yoga extreme? Horse Yoga is another term used for Horse Stretching. These horse stretching techniques should be part of every horse’s training. Stretching and Yoga take time and practice to increase range of motion. As you stretch a horse, it is the same for humans; it feels great as you do it and after. Stretches for horses needs to be part of anyone’s horse care routine. These horse stretches can be done virtually anywhere. For human health, it is advised we stretch and exercise to maintain health. Equine health works the same way to avoid horse health problems.

The training video that will teach you the simple steps on you how to stretch your horse to increase flexibility.