Easy-to-learn horse stretching that improve flexibility and range of motion.

Is it hard to do?

Once you watch the step-by-step video, it’s easy!

Does it hurt the horse?

If done properly and following the video, it won’t.

Why do you say I have to watch it 5 times?

You always miss something when you watch a video just once. We want you to become familiarized with the video and to avoid any problems.

How long do you stretch the horse for?

You always need to take your time when you stretch and never be in a hurry.

The trained horse in the video stretches in a little more than 4 minutes, if he is stretched daily. If he goes a day or two without stretching, we go by feel. Once you know that particular horse’s range of motion, you go by feel. The tightness is obvious to a knowledgeable horse person. You can always take more time to stretch than you need. Always better to be safe.

With proper education and simple to understand instructions,  a well-trained horse can be stretched in minutes.

"In this easy to follow video you can learn the BEST stretches out there. I can recommend this product because as a horse-owner I know that stretching works and has been beneficial to my horse.”

—Vince C., Los Angeles


The video will teach the simple steps on you how to stretch your horse to increase range of motion.